CAE Gems

Much like our precious clients, gems are incredibly special; each one a unique and beautiful treasure.

The children and adults we serve are incredibly unique as well, which is why we create personalized treatment plans to cater to each individual’s unique needs. We meet our clients where they are and encourage them to learn and grow based on their own goals, the goals of their families and support systems, and the goals of their school district and/or case managers. In order to provide this individualized experience which is created, implemented, and monitored by highly trained professionals, we rely on financial support from the Greater St. Louis philanthropic community. Thanks to our generous and loyal donors, we are able to provide the highest possibly quality of care for every person we serve, regardless of their abilities.

With our new CAE GEM (Give Every Month) Club, you can help change the life of someone with special needs by making a recurring monthly donation. Whether it’s $10 or $1,000, your donation will help us continue to grow and provide quality care to remarkable people with special needs.

Do you want to be a GEM?