Success Stories

Tanya learning about the animals


“Everyday I thank God for The Center for Autism and its staff. It is a place where my daughter is accepted for who she is. I am ever so grateful for the staff…they not only make a difference in my daughter’s life but my life as well. Our world is small and you make it bigger and brighter. Every night when you lay your head down on your pillow know that you have done a good deed and have helped another person along the way. Feel good about yourselves.

“I would like to pass on my thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Day Service. It takes an incredible person to dedicate their lives to the profession of caring for our special young adults. Tanya has her ups and downs, but being able to send her to you and your staff has made a difference in her life. It is a safe place that not only allows her to have fun, but learn and not get away with too much.”


“The first thing I thought of is how happy Emma has been lately. She loves her school and her schedule and all of her special helpers. What words can I use to thank you for that? We’ve waited a long time to have our happy Emma back. You know, you’ve heard it before, that when you support a child like mine, you support an entire family. I can’t imagine where we’d be without you! Please know that every day makes such a difference in our lives. It puts quality into her life. If provides peace of mind to her parents and a sense of normalcy for her siblings. It is everything!!!!”

Emma is one of the Center for Autism Education Success Stories
CAE has made it possible for Kaleb to develop life long friendships


“CAE has made it possible for Kaleb to develop life long friendships, not only with students but with the faculty as well. It means so much as a parent to know that so many people care about him and have his best interests in mind. I will take all the people in his corner I can get. As a parent of a child with special needs you truly only want your child to be happy and as successful as they can be. CAE has been instrumental for Kaleb. You have become his second family. Thanks to the support he received at CAE, Kaleb was able to successfully transition back to Fort Zumwalt and receive his diploma. He now attends CAE's adult Day Program where he is thriving. We are so thankful for CAE!”


“Joey started at CAE when he was five and graduated at age 19. Joey exceled with speech, physical and occupational therapies in so many ways. The caring teachers were excellent in the ways they taught him through the years. He had so much support from the staff and so many special teachers at CAE that he learned all of their names and hasn’t forgotten any of them. He even knew what each one did and became a helper to them when he was 15 and up. He became very helpful and this taught him to be independent and sure of himself.

"CAE is an excellent learning facility for children with Autism to learn and become more self-sufficient and grow in so many ways which makes them feel more positive about themselves and makes them more comfortable in home or public settings. We all miss the Entire Teaching Staff and Office Staff. Thank you for all the loving care that you gave Joey!”

Joey started at CAE when he was five and graduated at age 19
School Parent Success Story

See what this parent had to say about their child’s progress after 5 months of attending CAE:

“My son is excited to go to school! I’ve seen such an improvement, using his communication device more, doing daily chores, and the love and support from the school not only has helped him by our whole family.”

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