Keys of Independence

At The Center for Autism Education, our goal is to provide every individual we serve with access to a device to enhance their educational experience and daily lives. Technology is the key to helping ensure all of our students, adult clients, and support staff can work together to create personalized digital plans to meet the individual goals and communication needs of each one of our treasured consumers.

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Technology is Key for C.A.E.

With the help of a tablet, our non-speaking individuals will have a tool to serve as their voice to help them to communicate with others and provide them with a new sense of independence. Tablets will also provide access to videos for vocational training, social groups, music class, and other fun activities. By fostering their interest in electronics, we open our individuals up to a whole new world of opportunities through technology.

Tablets will also be used to conduct modified standardized testing to help
students keep up to speed with their peers, and laptop computers will be used by staff to track everyone’s academic and behavioral data and growth. By collecting data digitally, we can share data between therapists, teachers, school districts and parents in real time. These laptops will completely streamline our collaborative treatment approach.

Sponsorship Levels

Independence Champion


Building the Foundation of Independence

Your sponsorship will cover the costs of ensuring a student has access to an iPad and their support staff a laptop, to enable them to digitally connect and build a plan together for that student to succeed academically and personally.

Technology Enthusiast


Access to Education for All

Your sponsorship will cover the average cost of one device, protective case, and adaptive strap, providing the necessary resources for one of our clients to succeed.

Application Advocate


Unlocking Learning Potential

Your sponsorship will support one student’s educational programming for a full year by covering the cost of curriculum, subscriptions, and all other applications necessary for their academic success.

Cost Per Student

Your generosity is the key to creating lasting impacts on our student’s future and allows us to continue empowering students to reach their full potential.

Cost Per Adult

Your contribution will make a
meaningful difference in the life of one of indviduals and help provide them with the key to the resources they need to thrive.